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Saturday, January 11, 2020

The giant comet is moving towards the Earth at a dangerous speed, scientists warn

The giant comet is moving towards the Earth at a dangerous speed, scientists warn
The turbulence in the universe during lunar eclipse is a bad news for the Earth. A huge comet is moving rapidly towards the Earth, its speed is extremely fast. The comet, which is rapidly moving towards the Earth, is under the eye of space scientists of all countries.

The first lunar eclipse of the year (Chandra Grahan 2020) has ended. The passing lunar eclipse has given a tension. After the lunar eclipse, a comet of double the size of a double-decker bus is moving towards the Earth rapidly. Astronomers are worried that if this comet collides with the Earth, a big holocaust may occur. This comet will pass through the Earth on 12 January. America's 'NASA' has given information about this comet moving towards the Earth. The speed at which the comet is coming towards the earth, if it hits any corner of the earth, it can bring a terrible catastrophe from tsunami.

Astronomers are now engaged in studying the direction of this comet. If this comet passes through the earth, then it will not cause any harm, but even if it touches the earth, it can also cause heavy damage. However, NASA claims that this comet, moving fast towards the Earth, will pass very close to the Earth. NASA has also released Chetwani regarding this.

People have started remembering the predictions made about the comet once again about the Earth. Famous prophets Nostredamus and Baba Banga have already predicted the Earth's Holocaust. Most of which have also been proved to be true. Many of Baba Banga's predictions have recently come true to a large extent, he has also predicted about the President of America and the Russian President Putin.

According to Indian beliefs, any eclipse is not considered auspicious. Eclipse has always been associated with natural disasters. Even after the solar eclipse on 26 December 2019, it was said that there will be a situation of turmoil in the country and other countries of the world in January. Even when this happened, the tensions of Iran and America prove these predictions to be true.

NASA has named this comet as 2020 AB2. NASA has detected this comet through the Asteroid Tracking System. According to NASA, this comet will pass through the Earth on January 12.

What is a Dhoomaketu - Comet

Comets are only part of our solar system, which are small pieces of stone, dust, ice and gas. Like the planets, they also revolve around the Sun. It takes hundreds of years to complete the circumambulation. Most comets are made up of ice, carbon dioxide, methane, ammonia, silicate and organic mixtures.

How powerful is 2020 AB 2 dhumketu

Size: 49 feet i.e. about 15 meters
Speed: 28,440 per hour
Distance from Earth: Will pass through a distance of 1,645,576 km.
Disadvantage: This dhumket can cause a 185 feet high tsunami when hit.

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