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Saturday, January 04, 2020

Google will alert on password theft, use this feature

Google will alert on password theft

Use this feature

Hardly anyone's data is safe in a rapidly digital world. People's data is being leaked in the coming days Whether it is Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp. There is a risk of leaking private information on every platform. Last year itself, WhatsApp users were spied after which the victims also asked the Government of India questions. So now the question is how to know that your personal information is being leaked. Let's know ...

Google will alert
After continuously leaking data, Google has launched a new service of its own. The name of this service of Google is Google Password Manager. Through this password manager of Google, you will be able to keep your social media account, including internet banking passwords or passwords of any other website. You will also get an alert to change the password if you use Google password manager.

You can find out if any of your passwords have been leaked by going to Google's password manager. For this, you have to go to After this, the password manager will open in which you will get the option of check password, after clicking on it, Google will ask you to pre-login Gmail password on that system. After entering the password, Google will tell you whether your password is used or not. Also it will tell whether your password is leaked or not.

Change password immediately upon receipt of information

For example, if Google gives you information about a password leak, then you should change your password immediately. Apart from this, two factor authentication should also be turned on. Some precautions should also be taken while changing the password, such as - Do not enter your name or date of birth in the password. Apart from this, avoid using mobile number in password also. Also, change the password of your Gmail account from time to time.

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