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Monday, September 09, 2019

TikTok Shines a Light on Suicide Prevention and encourages users to become ‘Gatekeepers’

‘Gatekeepers’- In observance of World Suicide Prevention Day, Tiktok, the world's leading short video platform, has collaborated with the Suicide Prevention India Foundation (SPIF) to launch #YourLifeMatters, a campaign to spread awareness about the importance of mental health.‘Gatekeepers’

The in-app campaign encourages everyone to prioritize self-care, practice self-compassion, debunk stigma associated with mental health issues and seek professional help if necessary.‘Gatekeepers’

TikTok Shines a Light on Suicide Prevention and encourages users to become ‘Gatekeepers’

According to the World Health Organization, India ranks among the top 25 countries with the highest number of suicide cases. The partnership between Tickcock and SPIF aims to see the rising suicide rate in India as a public health issue and leverage the power of the community, as we believe everyone has a role in the fight for help.‘Gatekeepers’

Accordingly, TikTok with SPT has launched a campaign called #YourLifeMatters. As part of this initiative, SPIF is sharing short and reliable videos through its Tiktok profile (@spif_in), to empower TikTok users to essay the role as keep gatekeepers'. An is gatekeeper can be anyone who is able to identify someone with suicidal tendencies, can help such individuals and refer them to a mental health professional. Since about 8 out of 10 people consider suicide, giving verbal or nonverbal signs, trained gatekeepers can play a major role in helping save lives.‘Gatekeepers’

The initiative aims to play a role to the online community to prevent individuals from committing suicide. Additionally, the video also has suicide survivors who share their personal stories and inspire users not to lose hope and find the strength to overcome their struggles.

Nitin Saluja - “In today's era, one of the most powerful ways to bring about social change is to mobilize the community. We at TikTok follow a similar mission, as we seek to use our platform to make a difference on issues that keep our users' social consciousness unpublished and naked. Through this initiative, we hope to reiterate this community to take initial steps to encourage dialogue on mental health and how we value the lives of all. By partnering with SPIF, we are pleased to have these life-saving skills available to more communities, ”said Nitin Saluja, Director, Public Policy (India), Tiktok.‘Gatekeepers’

Nelson Vinod Moshe, founder of Suicide Prevention India Foundation said, "Society needs to unite to break the stigma associated with depression and other mental health issues. The SPIF believes that everyone should be involved in fighting this battle; In their personal capacity and to help people suffering from depression. Collaborating with Tiktok will promote our mission to educate people and equip them to assume the role of "gatekeeper" for suicide prevention. The platform will help us repeat the message of how suicide prevention is the responsibility of every person. "‘Gatekeepers’

As part of the #YourLifeMatters campaign, SPIF will organize offline events in schools and colleges such as talks, workshops, debates, dramas to encourage dialogue on mental health. The campaign will cover 30 colleges in 10 cities in September, October and November. The partnership is a part of TickTalk for the Good, a long-term initiative launched by TikTok, which underscores the platform's commitment and contribution as a content platform for social good.‘Gatekeepers’

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