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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Has Huawei's FreeBuds 3 defeated Apple AirPods 2? - charge 100% faster

Apple AirPods 3 is coming soon. Meanwhile, there is one place where other earbuds can expect to rule while it lives. Huawei recently announced their new in-year buds - Freebuds 3 and, at least on paper, these could give a tough competition to the AirPods 2.

In terms of specs, these earbuds are currently at the top of the game. Although the speakers look different and are shaped differently, the positioning - units are larger than AirPods.

Still, "it's fair to say that if you're wearing them, someone else may believe that you're wearing Apple's earbuds".

However, the case looks different with its round shape rather than the Apple iconic square with curved edges. And this is a charging case just like Apple.

The buds come in two colors, white and black. Huawei has promised that these are earphones that hold a good ear.

The new Kirin A1 chip is designed for "fast and stable connectivity, and great audio quality," using Huawei's own silicon. This will help reduce noise for those people when you call them. Huawei says that phone calls are possible even if you are cycling very fast. A bone sensor helps to identify the buds when you are talking, so the microphone can only focus on your voice ”.

And it also has noise canceling.

Noise-canceling is, as a convenience, difficult to deliver for in-ear headphones. But Huawei takes things one step further - "It's the first earbud with an active fit, unlike Sony's in-ear and closed fit of other earbuds, where a physical seal is formed in your ear and out of the world. ".

The buds have a playback time of four hours, another 20 hours in the circular charging case and fast charging so that you don't have to live long without your Freebuds 3. "Huawei charges twice as fast as Apple's AirPods. The Kirin A1 chip that powers the Freebud 3 is brand new and was not used before. For example, Apple AirPods are faster with iPhones. Has been promised to pair with, but this time with the Huawei handset. "

If you want noise-canceling, but don't want to "wait for AirPods 3, which is rumored to have this feature, Huawei Freebuds 3 can be attractive". They will be out in the next few weeks and although pricing has not yet been announced, Huawei has indicated that it will be cheaper than Apple.

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