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Friday, September 06, 2019

Chandrayan 2: Learn why Astronaut wears white-orange space outfits?

Chandrayan-2 will land on the lunar surface late on Friday. Scientists of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) are now just one step away from writing the success story. The landing process will be late at around 1 pm, which will continue till 7 September morning.

Have you ever thought that whenever we see pictures or videos of a space mission on television or internet, why do we see Astronaut only in white or orange color dress. What is the reason that Astronaut is seen only in these two color outfits.

What is the name of both suits
Let us tell you that Orange Space Suit is called Advance Crew Escape Suit (ACES). While the white space suit is called the Extra Vascular Activity Suite (EVAS). Now tell you what is the reason for wearing them.

Reasons to wear white-orange suit
Orange color suits are called entry suits. It is easily visible in color space. Whereas the white color suit reflects the bright sunlight and appears easily in the dark environment of space.

What is the specialty of both
Both colored suits have been designed for certain reasons. While the Orange Suit protects the Astronauts from accidents during take-off or landing of the Space Shuttle, the White Suit is designed primarily for space walking.

White suit's specialty
The white suit has a water cooling system, which helps in survival in other spaces. The EVA suit recycles body sweat so that astronauts remain cool even in odd conditions. There is also a drink bag filled with water inside the suit which lasts for a spacewalk of 6 hours.

Specialty of orange suit
The orange suit's survival kit is similar to a hiker's kit. It consists of radio, motion sickness pills, strobe lights, gloves because they work very well in the earth's environment. At the same time, oxygen, battery power and radio are arranged in the white suit.

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