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Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Ariana Grande Sued Forever 21 Over Look-Alike Model For $10 Million

Ariana Grande Sued Forever 21 Over Look-Alike Model For $10 Million

Time and again we increasingly hear about fashion brands embroiled in controversies about their production and marketing plans. And it is not for unfounded reasons that popular brands get inundated with labels and influencers. Take Kim Kardashian for example, how many brands did she have to sue for removing designer clothes made specifically for her collection? (And how many times has he been accused of fashion plagiarism?). The never ending blame game and when we have pages like @goietprada to guide us through the many goff-up brands and some controversies make the most of the crazers. Forever 21 recently has nothing but cowards and pop star Ariana Grande calling them out for it.

The fast fashion brand put up advertisements featuring a model that bears a disparate resemblance to Ariana Grande. Now, you can't blame anyone for looking alike, but the ad started to look like a brand collaboration with the hit-maker of '7 Rings'. The model also has a similar look from Grande's music video. We could give Forever 21 the benefit of the doubt but then they went a step further and captioned Ariana's song lyrics.

Ariana filed a lawsuit against Forever 21 on Monday (September 3, 2019) in Federal District Court in Los Angeles. The charges include false endorsement and violation of publicity rights, copyright infringement and trademark infringement, allegedly costing the brand $ 10 million. Ouch!

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Lmao @forever21 are y’all just throwing in the towel? The fast fashion retailer seems to be digging its own grave after being sued for appropriating @arianagrande ‘s image...right while they’re in the middle of filing for bankruptcy. Kim K went through similar beef back in 2012 with Old Navy using a lookalike, but they were having a moment back then and managed to weather the storm, settling out of court for a supposed $20 mil, and again earlier this year with Missguided for just under $3 mil. We’d say Ariana has a payday in the future, but you can’t squeeze blood from a stone (or funds from a dying retailer lol) • #arianagrande #arianators #forever21 #lawsuit #bankrupt #bankruptcy #news #copycat #sevenrings #bearears #spacebuns #rhinestone #crystals #lookalike #fastfashion #kimkardashian #oldnavy #kuwtk #kimk #missguided #totallylookslike #wiwt #ootd #dietprada
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As it turns out, retailer Grand Thanks, Next You, Next 'reached out to Grande for a collaboration when a pop star refused. Unable to sign him, it seems as if Forever 21 found a way around. Forever 21 on Tuesday (September 4, 2019) gave a statement claiming that they were not meant to violate the singer's rights. The case is pending trial.

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