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Sunday, September 01, 2019

Apple's version of tile trackers will use augmented reality

Apple's version of tile trackers will use augmented reality

With Apple less than two weeks until its big iPhone launch, we're still figuring out new details about what the company can show.

A rumored product seems very useful: a new Bluetooth tracking accessory is there to help you track lost items. The gadget, originally a version of Apple's popular tile trackers, has been rumored since last spring, when it was reported that the gadget would be included in the new "Find My" app in iOS 13.

Now, MacRumors reports that the gadget will also use augmented reality to help you locate lost items. When you need to find something you lost, the Find My app will prompt you to grab your phone and look at the AR Balloon, which, according to the information you allegedly exposed in the "internal build", contains the lost item. Can help carry up to. "iOS 13.

Such a feature would not only give Apple an excuse to uncover ARKit, it would give the company a leg up on the tile. It can also help the company justify a higher price for its subsidiary. (Tile trackers cost between $ 20 and $ 35.)

MacRumors can also dig up images of the tracker - a small, white, disk-shaped gadget with the Apple logo - although the site notes that it may be a placeholder image.

You'll be able to manage your tags and track your items in Apple's Find My app, which is debuting in iOS 13. The app, which combines Find My iPhone and Find My Friends in the same interface, will also get a new one. "Items" section to go with the trackers.

While it is possible that Apple may have a stable-anonymous gadget for a later date, it certainly appears that the company is ready for launch at its September event.

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