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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Apple Pixel 4 Clone Event Live Blog! Apple is announcing

Apple is announcing its Pixel 4 clone today! I believe it is called the iPhone 11 or iPhone XI and is probably like all other iPhones, meaning that it will give a sense of elite status and elite status to the owner as a whole for you and the Android user. This will help their shallow ego flourish, their weeping souls smile on the outside, and allow them to maintain the status of their blue bubble as a superior human.

An event will help usher in this new era of Apple, so we'll do it like we always do - blog it live. It is sad to say, but we do not live any more blogs due to reasons. There is something about the Apple event that brings out the best from us, though. and you. You help make these live blogs quite an experience.

What time does the Apple iPhone 11 event take place?

The event closes at 10AM Pacific (1PM Eastern). For some reason, Apple does not require you to install Safari and use it 1 day, which you need each year and is hosting videos on YouTube instead. We've embedded it below, so that you can see it as a normal person.

Preparation of sarcasm. Prepare not to take any of it seriously. If you do, and you're getting mad at us today on Twitter, we'll probably laugh at you. I know that.

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