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Monday, August 26, 2019

Soyuz spacecraft switches docking port around International Space Station

Soyuz spacecraft switches docking port around International Space Station

The Russian spacecraft on the International Space Station (ISS) closed the parking lots on Sunday to make way for another spacecraft arriving on Monday, August 26.

Reportedly, Roskosmos astronaut Alexander Skortkov aboard the ISS flew the Soyuz MS-13 spacecraft to a new docking port located in the station's top-mounted Poisk-Module, dubbed by NASA as 'Sunday Sunday Drive' Did it "NASA spokesman Rob Navias said during live commentary that Skovartsov guided the Soyuz MS-13 to its Poisk docking port at 11:59 pm. EDT (0359 August 26 GMT).

The intention to move from the Soyuz MS-13 former docking port to its new location at the end of the station's Zvezda module is for the unmanned spacecraft Soyuz MS-14, now safe for the ISS, for its next chance at parking. is waiting. An attempt to dock itself in the orbiting laboratory had to end on Saturday.

Russian flight controllers suspect that a faulty Kurs signal amplifier is in the Poise module, not on the Soyuz, due to the docking stort. Since the unplugged Soyuz did not have a manned crew, no one was onboard to take manual control of the docking, such as Skvortsov did on Sunday.

The Skortkov-led 24-flight into space was later inducted by Andrew Morgan of NASA and Luca Permitano of ESA. The trio arrived in the same spacecraft on 20 July together in the same spacecraft and will use it to return to Earth later this year. During this meeting, the ISS was sailing 418 kilometers up and east of Beijing

If all goes well, the Soyuz MS-13 will dock itself at the .EDT (0312 GMT) space station at 11:12 pm on Monday night. NASA will begin broadcasting the live docking on TV from 10:30 am. EDT.

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