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Friday, August 23, 2019

janamasthami 2019: Radha-Krishna's bungalow adorned with 2000 kg flowers

janamasthami 2019: Radha-Krishna's bungalow adorned with 2000 kg flowers

Janamasthami 2019: Radha-Krishna's bungalow adorned with 2000 kg flowers
This time in the Sanatan Dharma temple of Noida Sector-19, the idols of Radha-Krishna will be specially decorated. The view of flower decoration will surprise everyone. This time Radha-Krishna's bungalow is being prepared with 2000 thousand kilo flowers. It is being told that these flowers have come from Vrindavan. The sevadars have made many garlands from these flowers.

According to the news published in Amar Ujala, 12 quintal flowers have been asked to decorate the temple. It will have all kinds of flowers. Most of the flowers have been sourced from Vrindavan. The bungalow being built in the temple itself will be made of about 2 thousand kg flowers.

ISKCON Temple adorned with 800 forts flowers
According to the news, the ISKCON temple will adorn 800 kg of flowers. Only indigenous flowers are being used here. There will be special preparations for the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna. Earlier in the ISKCON temple flowers were invited from other countries including Thailand, but this time only the preparation of welcome of Bal Gopal is done with indigenous flowers only.

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