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Saturday, August 03, 2019

Earth Be Affected by a black hole in earth the Future?
Black hole dangerous

( Earth Be Affected by a black hole in earth the Future? )
Black hole information black hole in earth Black holes produce the strongest gravitational pull in the universe (which we know).

Can the earth be affected by a black hole in the future?

Black hole in space, Black hole apocalypse, पृथ्वी में ब्लैक होल भविष्य को प्रभावित कर सकता है?

This is a good question.

( Black hole and gravitational waves )

As you know, black holes are called because gravity is so strong in their center, it sucks all the surrounding light. Nobody can escape. How strong is the gravitational pull of black hole?

Black holes produce the strongest gravitational pull in the universe (which we know). So you really do not want to go very close to one.

If you come very close, then the gravity stretch from the black hole is so strong that you will never be able to escape, even if you are traveling at the speed of light.

This point of no return is called "event horizon".

Another reason that you do not want to go very close to the black hole is that we call something "spaghettiation".

Changing a star in spaghetti strips

Imagine an object in space, like a star. As the star approaches a black hole, one side becomes harder than the other. That's because one side of the star will be closer to the black hole than the other.

Stretching from gravity will be strong on the closest side of the black hole, and weak on that which is far ahead.

In the pull of gravity it will separate the star due to the difference (which is called "tidal force"). This pasta is like dragging a dough into spaghetti.

Occasionally astronomers can observe this in other galaxies. The technical name is a "tidal disruption event", but it means that a star reached very close to a black hole and was separated.
Black hole dangerous

The closest black hole is too far to hurt us

Thankfully, though, we do not have to worry. There is no black hole near the Earth to impress us. We call V616 Monocerotis to the nearest black hole of the Earth. It is also known as A0620-00.

This black hole is 6.6 times heavier than our sun. (This means that there is a lot of mass in it, which means that it is actually a strong gravity bridge - much stronger than the Sun's gravitational pull.)

If the earth is within about 800,000 kilometers (3.7 light seconds) of this black hole then it will be separated. But this is not likely to happen and certainly not in your lifetime.

The V616 monocrotis is approximately 3,300 light-years away. He is very, very far.

  • Black hole and earth Affected in the Future

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