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Friday, August 02, 2019

Democratic Party American politician Tulsi Gabbard policies is Ron Paul of this election

Democratic Party American politician Tulsi Gabbard policies is Ron Paul of this election
"The parallels of Dr. Paul's campaigns are striking," one of Paul's former colleagues said about Gabbard's presidential run.

There is no one like Rap Tulsi Gabbard in the Democratic primary of 2020, but there was someone in the 2008 and 2012 Republican primaries, who was former Congressman Ron Paul.

In those years, Paul carried out the most visible message campaigns of any Republican, a single voice on the edge of the field railing against foreign intervention and the Federal Reserve. They attracted a network of enthusiastic grassroots support, and they were unwavering in their principles, even when they were unpopular. They were often enough to get him on the stage of primary debate more than once - in 2007 to say once that American soldiers wanted to come home, and in 2011 to suggest that the US military Adventureism provided a motive for 9 / -. 11 attacks He was also a highly controversial person who rebuked the conspiracy and blamed his campaign for his politics of fringe, especially when the racist newspapers of the 1970s came out with his name from the 1990s. .

The success of Paul's outer movement was such that journalists welcomed a "moderate moment" in 2013 and 2014, and this reporter monitored closely the career of his son Sen Rand Paul, who wanted to eliminate his family's fanatic libertarianism. was trying. Mainstream of the Republican Party. But Rand Paul's 2016 presidential campaign was floppy, and the liberals, like the rest of the right subgroup, almost swallowed the Donald Trump incident. The perspective of Trump's burning house, appealed to many people in Paul's movement, inspired by an anti-sentiment and wanted to see elite people.

Gabbard is the theatrical buzz of Paul in some ways. He is not the only low-voting candidate in the race - Gow Jai is on the way to attract attention to climate change, and Andrew Yang is pushing for his $ 1,000 a month's universal basic income plan - but that is The one who is the closest heir to Paul's heritage, focuses on the intervention of US foreign policy and its message against ending the war in Afghanistan Are. (It is a matter of debate whether it is right to say anti-war in Syria, considering its friendly attitude towards the cruel Assad regime in Syria.) Her views keep her out of the Democratic mainstream, so much that she has become a favorite of the orthodox media. , Such as Tucker. Carlson's Fox News Show Like Paul, he has been dogged by an uneasy legacy from his past - his attitude against LGBTQ rights as a legislator in Hawaii.

His exchange with Sen. Kamala Harris on criminal justice in Wednesday night's debate, in which he attacked Harris's record as a hard-on-crime prosecutor in California, drug warfare and moderate arguments about the power of the state. was with. Gabbard said, "There are so many examples to give a hint, but he put 1,500 people in jail for violation of marijuana and laughing about it when he was asked if he had ever smoked marijuana."

I am not the first person to say equality. Ron Paul has praised Gabbard himself, who is calling him the best Democratic candidate to run in 2020. But during the last two rounds of debate, Gabbard's role, which leaves Paul behind, has become clear. Paul refused to comment for this piece through Daniel McAdams, Executive Director of his Paul Ron Institute, but other prominent libertarians and Paul were eager to admire the insider Gabbard.

"I think Rep. Gabbard is running an amazing campaign, and the similarities of Dr Paul's campaigns are striking," Jesse Benton, grandson of Ron Paul and former campaign manager, said that Gabbard's ending American military occupations abroad Emphasizing on doing Benton said that "is unaware of speaking harsh truths for power." "Political and technical people tried to separate him, as he did with Ron," said Benton. (This is not true about all technical competencies: Twitter's Jack Dorsey is a fan of Gabbard.) Both candidates ran as a member of the House of Representatives, although when Gabbard has served only for a few years, Paul has spent decades in Congress Spent as a gadget. People of his party Gabbard is one of the youngest candidates in this year's race; Paul was one of his oldest.

"Tulsi Gabbard's signature approach on non-interference has made him the only sole opposition opponent of the American Empire - in the race for the 2020 presidential race - and that stimulates the liberals, worn by mainstream politicians, Nothing is said about or worn by naïve. As a 'indispensable nation' of the United States, every battle should be fought in every corner of the world. "" Their support for Whistleblowers, such as Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden, is equally inspiring for those of us, who not only worry about the power of the state, but also desire to obscure the worst acts of the state Keep. "

The reason was written on Wednesday about Gabbard's duel with Harris: "Tulsi Gabbard has made Kamala Harris a drug warrior and dirty prosecution

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