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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

YouTube Star Grant Thompson Of 'The King Of Random' Dead

The King of Random 'YouTube Star Grant Dead at Thompson Age 38

In one statement it was said, he had more than 11 million customers and his "will live in the heritage channel"

YouTube Personality Grant Thompson, whose "King of Random" channel entertained millions of people with hacks and experiments, according to reports, died at a paragliding accident at the age of 38.

Thompson was killed in an accident in Utah on Monday evening, his brother Mark confirmed TMZ. Canadian-born social media stars were married and had four children, "Entertainment Tonight Canada" said.

In a statement on The King of the Random Instagram, his death was announced on Tuesday with "very sad", and urged fans to act kindly to respect their heritage.
According to YouTube, Thompson started its channel in 2010 and watched more than 2.4 billion times.

Among his most viral entries were "How to Make Lago Gummy Candy", which has been seen more than 34 million since its posting in 2015.

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