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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Automatically Attempting Is Truecaller Linking To Your Bank Account Without Permission?

Automatically Attempting Is Truecaller Linking To Your Bank Account Without Permission?

Automatically Attempting Is Truecaller Linking To Your Bank Account Without Permission?
Many users are reporting that in the latest update of Truecaller, the app automatically sees its bank accounts trying to connect to its UPI platform Truepay, without permission.

Caller ID App Truecaller, which has a massive user base in India, is responsible for a security risk by adding users' bank accounts with their Unified Payments Interface (UPI) offer without requiring consent or requiring any user action. Could. According to many users, many of whom have complained via Twitter, Truecaller is automatically sending UPI-linking requests after the app's update.

Truecaller told HuffPost India that this is happening due to a bug that affects the payment feature. The full statement is here:

"We have discovered a bug in the latest update of Truecaller, which has affected payment facility, which has automatically triggered registration post updates for the version. This was a bug and we have closed this version of the app so that no other user is affected. We are sorry about this version that it does not pass our quality standards. We have taken quick steps to fix the problem, and have already set one in a new version. For pre-impressioned users, a new version will be available soon with fixes, however, in the meantime, they can manually select the deregister through the overflow menu in the app. "

Although Truecaller has taken note of this, but for doing so many days of tweets were taken from users, which is not too big for other tech apps, but when it starts affecting your bank account Big worry.

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Replying to Truecaller CEO Alan Mamedi on Twitter, user Nikhil Dhariwal shared screenshots of an SMS from ICICI about UPIC registration without any permission. Another user tweeted a screenshot showing that the process of adding their Axis Bank account to UPI had begun. There are many such instances like this, a Truecaller is automatically marked for UPI, or this is a where where there is any other user issue, which seems to be upgrading to Truecaller version 10.41.6.

Replying to a tweet of Truecaller, another user posted that Truecaller was trying to verify their UPI ID without sufficient confirmation. User Dhiraj Kumar has the most details about this issue with a screenshot in this thread. Many other accounts have confirmed that by updating to the latest version of the app, Truecaller attempts to automatically link the UPI with their bank accounts.

Millions may be affected

Spam calls in India are a big problem and it is not surprising that an app like TrueCaller who can identify who is calling you, even if you do not have their number saved, so close well Gave. Earlier this year, TrueCaller's CEO Mamedi tweeted that Truecaller has crossed the 100 million (100 million) of daily active users in India, and said that every tenth active user in India had their bank account with Truecaller Pay have added. This means that this latest update of Truecaller can affect about one crore people, whether or not it is deliberately or not.

Truecaller has been criticized in the way it builds its database of numbers - the users of the app upload their contacts to Truecaller, which then can collect numbers from many sources and a fairly universal database Can build. However, it also means that your number can be uploaded, even if you are not using Truecaller, just because someone uses the app on your number.

Truecaller's Help Account has said that it does not use such a dark pattern, and users need to take explicit action to connect their UPI. Once Truecaller UPI is connected to your bank account, it can be used to send or receive money from offline and online businesses. You only need the second person's phone number (if they are also using UPC on Truecaller) or their UPI ID, and you can start sending or receiving money. Not all of this, though: UPI lets you check your bank balance, which is a feature offered through the Truecaller app.

It has raised serious questions about the security and confidentiality of people's financial data, and although Truecaller has denied that there has been a violation, there have been reports that user data from the app is on sale on the dark web.

What can you do?

To ensure that your account is not linked, and to see if a message was sent to the UPI, check the Truecaller app. Disable SMS permissions for Truecaller, and if you are not in the latest version of the app, turn off automatic updates for Truecaller. As long as the company issues an update to fix the issue, it is better to be careful.

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