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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Steve Bannon, Russians conspiring with nationalists to destroy the EU, French President Macron warns

Steve Bannon, Russians conspiring with nationalists to destroy the EU, French President Macron warns. European "should not be naive" about European intervention before European Parliament elections, Macron said on Tuesday.
PARIS - French President Immanuel Macron on Tuesday accused former Trump strategist Steve Bannon and Russian eliteists of plotting to dismantle the European Union in collaboration with European nationalists, saying that this week's European Parliament had foreign intervention before elections About the European "should not be naïve".

The intermediate French leader said in an interview with French regional newspapers published on Tuesday that "Russian and some others" funded the extremist political parties in Europe, without extension.

Macron also banned Bannon for criticism. Bannon, who has been in France in recent times, has praised the campaign of far-flung leader Marine Le Pen, calling himself a "supervisor".

Macron's Interview is a last-ditch appeal to support his mid-way movement in the elections, in which the nationalists are expected to get ground benefits in the midst of the concerns of migrants.

Le Pen invited Bennon to a conference of his anti-immigration party last year, who changed its name to National Front from National Front. However, it has made public distance from the public before the May 26 elections in France.

"There is no role in his campaign," he said on Monday in FranceInfo. He claimed that he did not know that he is in the city, although Le Parisian newspaper reported that two National Rally Party officials were seen at the luxury Bristol Hotel where he was staying.

Benedict's presence in Paris in the last week of the campaign - with many interviews in the French press - other parties were also included, including Macas.

Le Pen blamed the media.

Keeping in mind the many interviews given to the French press, Le Pen said, "It is not we who invite Steve Bannon to the campaign. It is you who invites the journalists (them)."

Macron himself was criticized for his active role in the campaigning of his party because his Republic on the Move appeared in the elections! Neck neck with national pen of Lee Pen His party was the biggest winner in France's European Parliament election in 2014.

Many people in France have chosen the European elections as a repetition of France's 2017 presidential vote, which set the macron against Le Pen - which lost in landslide - and says that the president is throwing himself in the ring .

He argued that elections are "most important since 1979 because the union (European) is facing an existential risk."

To define Europe's biggest enemy, Macron told regional newspapers that "the enemy of Europe does not believe in its future." The nationalists who want to divide it are the main enemies. "

He said that he "found harmony between nationalists and foreign interests, whose purpose is the disintegration of Europe" - the name of Steve Bannon, "Close to American power structure."

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