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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Latest Firefox Release is Faster than Ever

Latest Firefox Release is Faster than Ever, Today's new Firefox release continues to bring fast and private together right at the crossroads of performance and security.
Firefox is releasing Firefox 67 to present a bunch of new improvements today. The company is changing how Firefox works and presents web pages to help speed things up. And according to the company, the latest release of Firefox is faster than before.

Firefox 67 makes it so that some of the less important things on the webpages are portrayed to load them fast. For example, Firefox now scans for alternative style sheets on sites after page loads, and when there are no forms on the webpage, the AutoFill module does not load. These, along with some other changes, help to perform major scripts for sites like Instagram, Amazon and Google, 40-80% faster.

The latest release of Firefox also suspends the useless tabs when your computer's available memory is less than 400 MB, so that your browser can keep things smooth even with the opening of 100 tabs. Firefox 67 also does that the add-on and themed users now experience faster start-up time.

With improving performance, Firefox 67 allows users to save passwords and use add-ons on private browsing so that they are really useful. The update also introduces the ability to prevent sketch site from cryptan mining on the background. You can get the latest release here.

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