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Monday, May 20, 2019

Apple iOS 13: These features will 'change' your iPhones and iPads soon

Apple iOS 13: These features will 'change' your iPhones and iPads soon.
Apple is set to launch the next version of iOS, its operating system for iPhones and iPad. To be called iOS 13

New features coming in iOS 13. Dark Mode, Sleep Mode, Multiple user accounts on iPad for personalized access & more.

iOS 13 includes many features, including dark mode sleep mode multiple user accounts. All these features will completely change your iPhones and iPads

Apple is preparing to launch its latest version of iOS. The company will launch iOS 13 in its annual developer conference (WWDC). WWDC 2019 will run from June 3 to June 7. There have been reports on iOS 13. Now some of their new features are reported. These include many features, including dark mode, sleep mode, multiple user accounts. All these features will completely change your iPhones and iPads.

Dark Mode: The company can present dark mode in new software updates. This mode will change the look of the entire UI. It darkens the background to white. This mode will give comfort to the eyes of users. They will not get much strain on them.

Sleep Mode: Sleep mode will be introduced in the company iOS 13. Activating this mode will not bring any notifications until the time (up to the time the user sets).

Multiple user accounts on iPad for personalized access: Multiple updates will be provided in new updates. This means more than one user will be able to use the iPad, they also make changes without any changes.

WhatsApp Styled Message App: The company is planning to make changes to its iMessage app in the upcoming version. According to the news, users will be able to create profiles in the Messages app and they will be able to name the display with Amazon. This will help them know which account they have logged on.

The new category in the Mail app: Like the Gmail, the new Mail app can also be featured in many different categories. This will include advertising emails, close friends, etc.

Find my Friends and Find my Phone single app: Find my Friends and Find my Phone can be merged. The find network feature can also be introduced. From this, Apple devices can be tracked without internet.

Updated Maps for easy navigation: Maps can be updated in iOS 13. This will allow navigation to be easily accessed. At the same time, users will also be able to view Quick Locations on Home and Work on Google Maps.

The stock keyboard will come in swipe gestures: many third party Android keyboards and Google gboard swipe gestures support. But this feature is not currently available in Apple's keyboard. Now this feature can be introduced in iOS 13.

New emoji: Like every year, the company can present some new emoji this time too. This will include other emoies including juice box, falafel, holding hands, otter, waffle, sloth.

Measures in iPad Pro: Apple is considering replacing its iPad Pro with a laptop. To make the tablet more productive, laptop support will be given to the iPad Pro by offering mouse support.

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