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Saturday, April 06, 2019

Microsoft Xbox Live Game Pass may launch with Ultimate Digital Xbox One S

Microsoft Xbox Live Game

It may not be too long before Microsoft sees two Xbox subscription services in a monthly bundle. We're definitely talking about Xbox Live and Xbox games pass, the first is that it is more or less essential for playing a game on Xbox One and the other is still a relatively new subscription service that Microsoft is heavily promoting. . If you have both subscribed, it may not be long before you get an opportunity to merge those two subscriptions together and save potentially some cash.

The rumor is that Microsoft Games, a game close Ultimate, is plotting to launch a new monthly subscription, offering a game pass and live for $ 14.99 per month. At present, the monthly subscription for each service is $ 9.99 per month, so game pass ultimat will cost approximately $ 5 per month.

Most people, who already subscribe to both, do not necessarily pay attention to any savings. An annual Xbox live gold membership is $ 120 in the $ 60 and 12-month game, which works up to $ 180 per year. This is exactly the price of an entire game of Xbox games near Ultimate. However, it is worth noting that those who pay a higher price for less expensive Xbox Live Gold subscriptions, they see some sort of rebate under this new plan.

The word of this coming membership was first broken by the previous leaked by h0x0d and later confirmed by The Verge. Microsoft is planning to launch this monthly bundle, so that it will be rumored with the release of all-digital Xbox One S, which will ship without Blu-ray drives as a way to save costs. We've heard recently that the All-Digital Xbox One will be launched in early May, and if this is true, then we are likely to disclose both this and the Xbox games near Ultimate.

Microsoft has been praising the Xbox game pass, which anyone can hear, which makes this rumor especially reliable. always, specific about obtaining unconfirmed warnings information with a grain of salt are also applied here, but with the launch of that all-digital Xbox One S, we are learning what the truth is or why so much Only soon it will be done. stay tuned.

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