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Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Justin Bieber Did a Pregnancy Prank, April Fool's Day Joke

For many women who struggle to conceive, being pregnant is not a joke.

Is it possible to draw a good celebrity prank in such absurd times - in which Mussolini's grandson is fighting with Jim Carrie, and one of the Full House stars accused of cheating for giving a bribe on the way to his daughter in college It seems? Justin Beber definitely tried, to explain two full-grid Instagram posts to the world that his wife Halley was expecting a child.

And for some time, it was difficult to say whether the post of pregnancy was a mischief or a sick time announcement. Is Halley Baldwin really pregnant? Everyone was dying to know

The disclosure of pregnancy on April 1 will be a bit wild, but it's Justin Bieber, which we are talking about. He is known to be unpredictable: his fast engagement, the line of a dress named Drew, is his public series of "Sexual Healing". Anything is possible.

So first of all, when he posted a picture of his sonogram with no caption on his Instagram, it was easy to believe that this was a sign of a beaver child. Sonogram clearly displays a human embryo.

Justin Bieber could have thought that when she shares an ultrasound image on social media, she was making a harmless joke, but many people do not find anything to joke about pregnancy.

The 25-year-old singer shared an ultrasound photo on Instagram with a caption on Monday, so fans realized that he and his wife Halley Baldwin were expecting their first child.

However, the model, 22, clarified quickly in the comment section, writing, "very funny ..."

But then, when he posted an ultrasound, a few minutes later, Biber shared a photo, in which Baldwin was seen surrounded by medical professionals by touching his stomach area. "If u think it was April Fool," he wrote with three photographs.

The singer shared the third picture - which was liked by his wife - in which the same ultrasound image was shown, but with a puppy photo, it appears that he was joking with everyone Was there.

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