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Saturday, April 06, 2019

Apple Music tops Spotify in U.S. Subscribers Than Spotify: Report
Apple Music tops Spotify in U.S. Subscribers Than Spotify: Report
Apple Music now has more paying American customers than Spotify. A new report from Reuters states that by February, California's technology giants had 28 million customers, while 26 million of Spotify users are paying for their monthly membership level. This number is for a paid subscription only, in which most Spotify users still rely on the company's ad-supported option.

In April, the financial results of the first quarter of 2018 of Spotify revealed that the company had 207 million Monthly Active Users with 96 million Premium Subscribers. Last month, the Swedish company filed a contradictory complaint with the European Commission, alleging that Apple was trying to "deliberately limit choice and strict innovation" in its app store. Having recently expanded the company's expansion into pod format, acquire Podcasting giant anchors, gemlett media and parcost. Read the full Reuters report here.

For years now, Spotify has been a global leader in the streaming music industry, for the first years since Apple Music has been in second place for years. However, within the US, Apple has now claimed top placement, earning more paid subscribers than Spotify.

This news comes from a new Wall Street Journal report, which states that until February of this year, Apple Music has more than 28 million paid subscribers in the US compared to 26 million of Spotify. Neither Apple nor Spotify disclose the number of their customers for specific areas, rather than sharing the global areas, so these new details are attributed to "people familiar with the case".

The new lead of Apple Music has been attributed to the rapid growth rate between the 2.6% to 3% in the US, the growth rate of Spotify from 1.5% to 2%. However, there is no doubt that Spotify is a global leader, with 207 million users till December, 96 million on a pied-tier, while Apple Music has around 50 million worldwide.

Another way to see this is that more than half of Apple Music's customers are from America, which means that the company has had success in selling music services within its own country. It is likely that this success will be repeated with a handful of services announced by Apple recently, including Apple News Plus, Apple TV Plus and Apple Arcade.

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