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Friday, April 19, 2019

Apple Is Developing Find My iPhone App To Track Your Devices Without Internet
Apple Is Developing Find My Friends and Find My Friends app.
Find My iPhone App
Apple is working on a new smartphone app that will merge the functionality of its current Find My Friends and Find My Friends app.

With the aim of increasing the security of an iPhone, Apple is hoping to combine their Find My Friends and Find My iPhone app soon to create an app in an iPhone.

As 9to5Mac citing anonymous people close to this matter, Apple said it will launch a unified app, named GreenTorch. It will come with the current two iPhone apps, with the new Find My Network app, which will allow users to track devices even when they are not connected to mobile data or Wi-Fi.

It has also been suggested that the engineers are currently testing the new app in Apple.

The new single app will allow users to share their location with family and friends and receive location sharing requests. In addition, users will be able to find the device (including airports) with the help of app.

Hardware like a tile tracker
Apart from this, Apple also expects to launch a new product, which is currently coded B389. The device is expected to be a tag, much like a tile tracker, which can be interrupted by any device (even non-apple device) to track it when lost.

The new product will be connected to the users' iCloud ID, and if the device is out of proximity to Apple devices, they will receive a notification.

For functionality, users can store their contact information in the tag and mark specific locations as overlooked locations so that tags can not notify users of those locations.

In addition, this tag will come with a lost mode for users when it is easily available when mode is enabled.

Tag device like tile by Apple means the company will have a new security system, allowing users to easily track their Apple and non-Apple devices.

However, other details are unknown. In addition, there is no word that Apple will come with new apps and features. But it is likely to be released during WWDC 2019 or with 2019 iPhones in September. Therefore, stay connected with fossibs for more information.

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