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Friday, March 29, 2019

WhatsApp Fingerprint Authentication Feature Spotted on Latest Beta Version Along With Dark Mode
WhatsApp fingerprint authentication has been sighted in the app's new Android version 2.19.83

Whatsapp has updated its Android Beta app to version 2.19.83, and a new authentication feature has been noticed. The company has been working on bringing this feature for some time, and the latest update shows that WhatsApp has made a lot of progress. Beta tracker WABetaInfo showed a screenshot showing how the authentication feature can be enabled in the settings and what the interface would look like. Unfortunately, this feature is disabled by default, so this will not work for beta users yet. When Whatsapp is planning to roll out it to stable version users, then it is not clear.

Tracker says that the authentication feature will let WhatsApp users lock their account, and unlock it using the fingerprint sensor. This feature should be enabled in Settings> Account> Privacy> Use fingerprint for unlock. Once enabled, Whatsapp will register your fingerprint. Then it will ask if you want the app to be locked immediately (after you leave the app) / 1 minute / 10 minutes / or after 30 minutes.

Whatsapp will show users a hint that they need to unlock the app using fingerprint authentication. If the app is unlocked after multiple attempts, it will show an error. As mentioned, this feature is not yet enabled, so you will not be able to see it even when you are on the latest beta version 2.19.83. This feature should be rolled out to beta users in the next update. In particular, iPhone users already have the feature in the stable version of the iOS app, and in addition to the fingerprint authentication via Touch ID, facial identification is also available to them through Face ID.

In addition, WhatsApp will receive dark mode very soon. WABetaInfo has managed to excavate and has found Dark Mode in the 2.19.82 Beta update and shared some screenshots. Mode makes your way to notification settings, data and storage settings, chat settings and account settings. Specifically, the tipster suggests that the new dark mode OLED will not be as useful on the display, because it is not completely black, but is very dark gray in color.

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