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Thursday, March 14, 2019

WhatsApp Fake News in India Might Have A Solution To Tackle The Spread

India is considered to be the largest market of whatsapp in the world, with more than 200 million users in the country. But instead it is being used as a great new channel for communication, recently we have been using it for zero purposes, such as the dissemination of wrong motives or deception, with serious consequences. A new feature was seen on Whatsapp beta build, which can help curb it. This Indian general election comes at the right time for 2019, when such information can be furious.

WhatsApp Beta 2.19.73 (on Android) brings "reverse image search" functionality. This is not a public beta, so you can not currently be able to see it. As dug by WABetaInfo, when you tap on an image's three-dot menu, it will give you the option of "search image" which will take you to Google and try to figure out where the image appears Given.

Whatsapp hopes is that users will use this new functionality as a check-before before forwarding it to others. I did not say that it is very much expected, but users will need to educate them about the existence and benefits of this extra step before the beginning of spam. To prevent the spread of potentially harmful images, WhatsApp has taken some steps in this direction. Basically, it will tell users whether the image originated on whatsapp, or somewhere else on the web. It will also show you the necessary information around the image, so that you can better assess its authenticity.

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Indian officials have pressed on whatsats in the past to add some mechanism to prevent the spread of misleading information in the country and help in surveillance. While we still do not have any way to chat, it is good to see the company owned by the company as taking some steps in this direction. 

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