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Saturday, March 16, 2019

Virat Kohli is a fighter, AB De Villiers Said who do not like to lose

AB de Villiers marked India as the favorite to win the World Cup, host England, the defending champions Australia and Pakistan.

Virat Kohli is the world's best batsman

We like to bat together and like to take away the game from the teams. "I see many similarities between myself and Virat. We are both fighters and do not enjoy losing." De Villiers said

De Villiers, who has been associated with Royal Challengers Bangalore since 2011, performs a magnificent performance with Indian Premier League franchise captain Virat Kohli.

Former South African captain AB de Villiers believes that the Indian captain may start heading for most teams in the forthcoming World Cup in England and Wales in 2019. May 30 "AB De Villiers told," Virat's performance has been incredible for some time and I can not stop it very soon. "

De Villiers said, "India and England are looking strong, Australia have won the first five World Cups and Pakistan claimed the Champions Trophy two years ago, they are probably the favorite of four teams," De Villiers said.

South African has been an important member of RCB's batting order and two of the IPL's three centuries had come to play for Bangalore-based organization.

AB de Villiers marked India as the favorite to win host India, host England, defending champions Australia and Pakistan for the showpiece event of cricket.

"However, he is human after all and like any other cricketer, he will go from time to time through the patch where he will have to go back to the basics and do his job through it. It is his personality and mental strength. " He gets it through those moments and makes him the world's best ODI player at the moment.

De Villiers, named after Mr. 360, announced his retirement from international cricket in May last year and jumped the cricket world from all four sides and said that he has run "out of gas"

Virat Kohli Is A Fighter Who Doesn't Like To Lose, Says AB De Villiers | Cricket News

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