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Friday, March 08, 2019

The ‘Captain Marvel’ post-credits scenes, explained

The theater has finally hit "Captain Marvel", which marks the live-action of the world's most powerful hero.
About the post-credit views of Captain Marvel
Starring Brie Larson, 21st installment of Marvel Cinematic Universe follows Carol Dynvers, because she realizes that Carol Denver is in fact, as well as the real origin of her powers too.

The film, directed by Anna Bowden and Ryan Flake, claims for the first time a single female title character in the Blockbuster franchise. He is also one of the most powerful superheroes performed by MCU.

Like many previous films, "Captain Marvel" has post-credit views, which both tease to come into the MCU and raise a lot of questions at all.

Captain Marvel's arrival was televised in the post-credit scene of the "Avengers: Infinity War" of 2018, when a neurotic Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) pulled a pager to send a crisis call, it is appropriate that The story "Captain Marvel" has been reverted to the upcoming "Avengers: Endgame".

The origin of that pager appeared in "Captain Marvel" in the form of first fury, which is in the form of a piece of the top of the '90s Earth Technology - some of the cree modifications for the use of Carol in an emergency Upgraded with

The film's mid-credit scene shows that the remaining heroes of the Thanos snap, in some way, discovered Fury pagers and brought them back to the Avengers Compound. The effect of random debris after the destruction of "Infinity War" was particularly impressive.

It is also clear that Cap (Chris Evans), Widow (Scarlett Johansson), Bruce (Mark Rafa) and Roddy (Don Cheadle) - knowing in any way that Pager was concerned - is unaware of the real purpose of the device. This makes it possible that none of them know that Captain Marvel, whose Air Force's pilot Coligne is the name of the superhero team, even exists.

After the pager stopped working during the scene, the team is wondering who the Fury was trying to contact. But before they can try to reboot the signal, Captain Marvel reaches to ask: "Where is the rage?"

In this meeting, the first real glimpse of the audience is with Carol, who is interacting with any of the superheroes assembled by his old friend Fury. And while it is clear that the scene sets the role of Captain Marvel in "Endgame", it also leaves very unanswered.

Do Carroll know that Thanos has harmed the universe? Asking about Fury's whereabouts can mean that he is unaware that half of the universe has dissolved in dust. But it is also possible that he was fully aware of the state of the universe and only after getting the signal, the fury was saved.

Could this be the first time when Captain Marvel returned to Earth after leaving the scalps at the end of the film? It is clear that after collecting the Avengers, it has been called for the first time since none of the remaining Prithvi Nirakas knew about pagers. Is he equally unaware of the existence of Avengers? Has he never dropped for social calls? What kept him away?

The second post-credit score is a little more lucky but is mysterious.

In the events of "Captain Marvel", there is an extension of Tecract involved. Now the fan knows that the cube possessing a space stone not only gave Carol his powers, but spent some time inside an exotic cat.

This short scene happens at S.H.I.E.L.D at Nick Fury's empty desk. the headquarters. The swan, which was taken by the rage, appears and cures Taseract, which he swallowed to prevent Cree from receiving it.

During the film it was known that Goose is not a simple felicity; She is actually a flurcan. According to the "Captain Marvel" comics, a flurcan's mouth is more like a terrible tent - it is also a gateway for pocket dimensions (like space bubbles that are present in another reality).

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