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Sunday, March 31, 2019

STEM Billings brings computer science to kids and explore coding
STEM Billings brings computer science 

STEM Billings brings computer science 

BILLINGS - On Saturday in City College Children were educated in 'Adventure in Coding and Computer Science'.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Four subjects were summarized as a STEM.

A local group, STEM Billings, has been working for the last four years to get married in the minds of young people of Billings. Over 1600 children participated in STEM Billing Events.

Billing STEM is an example of a community rally to educate your children.

"It's fun to bring those community experts," said Hilary Garner, Billings Public School Sirkulam Expert. "(Too) has shared that what it is that they do in their jobs so that children can see all the opportunities they have, and how STEM is related to everywhere."

In their coding of Adventure, children can choose from two different sessions from the list of 13 different activities.

Most of the activities had to be done with the coding computer, but the coding was a little fun.

One of those groups got to meet a robot circular named Sphere. The robot is controlled through the Ipad.

After passing the driving test by the children, they got to roll the sparrow in color to make master grinding.

STEM Billing also includes high school students. Younger children can give their children time to help them learn.

"think People science only as numbers or boring reactions and stuff," said John Eshalencamp, a senior STEM official. "Using programming, children are able to run around these small cool areas, and they are such explosions.

 This creativity, spark, desire to know more and be able to do more in the world. There is a kind of calm and you really want to help in farming so that they can grow and make great things. "

If it your child seems that can be interested in tracking STEM billing

Kids explore coding

STEM Billing and City College collaborate to introduce children to coding and computer science.

More than 190 children today learned a lot about coding and computer science, and enjoyed great on the way.

For just ten rupees, these children from 2nd grade to 8th class spent the day playing with calm technology with local business professionals.

Tracy Piltz, a technical expert with School District 2, says that when children get grown up, research shows that they are not following computer science care because they do not understand what this is.

"I hope they will only leave it knowing that they are able to do something they can do and that is really creative and really fun and hopefully just something that they like today . "

She says that it is important for children to go to the events happening in City College today, so they can find coding at an early age and can see if they want to do something.

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