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Sunday, March 31, 2019

Samsung Galaxy S10 vs. Google Pixel 3 Comparison
Samsung Galaxy S10 vs. Google Pixel 3 Comparison 
Q: I am trying to make a decision between upgrading to Pixel 3 or Galaxy S10 - any thoughts?

A: Anyone searching for the best category in the world of Android will land on this question, and obviously, you can not be mistaken with any of these handsets.

Pixel 3 was released six months ago from the Galaxy S10, but over time this small difference is huge in the technology world.

The biggest factors to consider are how you use your existing accessories along with your device.

Better specs of the Galaxy S10
From the point of view of purely technical specifications, the Galaxy S10 is the best in a number of areas, with a micro SD expansion slot, a larger screen (6.1-inch) plus more base storage (128 to 512 GB versus 64 to 128 GB). AMOLED vs. 5.5 inches high, long battery life, slightly faster processor (2.8 GHz vs. 2.5 GHz), 3.5 mm headphone jack and RAM (8 GB vs 4 GB), with high pixel density.

The Galaxy S10 also includes three rear cameras: a 12-megapixel lens for standard photos, a 12-megapixel 2X optical zoom lens and a 16MP-ultra-wide lens.

From the interface perspective, there is no bezel around it in the Galaxy S10 display, and the fingerprint sensor is included in the lower part of the display, so for the physical buttons there is no wasteful real estate on the front.

The fingerprint sensor of Pixel 3 is on the rear of the device, which makes it impossible to use the phone on the surface, but I found Pixel 3's fingerprint sensor more responsive because I struggle to get my thumb S10 The right place on the virtual sensor.

Benefits of Pixel 3
Regardless of the technical advantages of the Galaxy S10, the selection between the two devices should not be considered.

If you are actually taking pictures with your smartphone, there are many exciting reasons to go with Pixel 3.

Google's night-siting technology has created the best low-light images of any smartphone camera ever tested. If you go to many concerts, shoot many images at night or shoot out at dawn or evening and do not want to use the flash, this artificial intelligence-driven computational photography technique is amazing.

Night vision can hold up to 15 frames in one part of a second and automatically combines them using AI to select the best color, white balance and lighting.

Pixel 3 also has Super Res Zoom, which allows its single lens to come closer to S10's 2x optical zoom lens.

Another pixel handset advantage is that all your images and videos are supported in full resolution to Google Photos, while non-pixel devices are compressed for 16MP photos and 1080p video.

One of the last attributes I like on a pixel phone is the call screening option, which deals better with those who call unknown callers than other call-screening apps on the other phones.

Options on hands
The best way to compare them on your behalf is to go to a Verizon store - they have exclusive between Pixel 3 among the major carriers.

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