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Sunday, March 31, 2019

Samsung Galaxy S10 to get 25W Fast Charging updates in April
Samsung Galaxy S10 to get 25W Fast Charging updates in April
Samsung Galaxy S10 series has just been launched a few days, but the company has started updating updates for the phones of this series. According to a recent report, Samsung is about to issue a 25-watt fast charging resort for its Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 + and Galaxy S10e. Significantly, the Galaxy S 10 Series smartphone comes with charging 15 watts. In this case, if the company provides latest 25V charging updates to its devices then it will be a matter of great pleasure for the users.

Updates will arrive soon on Devices
Company over the air will be available to the charging update software. Users will receive a notification on this device as soon as it arrives. A Samsung president told in China that 25 W charging for the S-10 series will be made available in the month of April through OTA. However, in order to avail this feature, users will need the charger who supports 25-watt charging. In addition to the charging updates, it will add long exposure camera mode to improve phone fatigraphy. Additionally, this update will also provide the right to use the Galaxy S10 as an NFC access card.

Apple's latest flagship smartphones come with 15 watt charging. Google's pixel 3 smartphone only offers 18-watt charging. Compared to these two, Samsung Galaxy S 10 Series smartphones will be charging 25V charging at very fast speed.
Let's say Huawei's Mate X is at the forefront of Fast Charging. This phone comes with a 55 W supercharged technology. Comes to second place Oppo's 50-watt SuperVOOC flash charge. Honor has also launched some of its Jivis with a 40 W charging touch. OnePlus6T McLaren Edition of OnePlus also comes with 30 Watt Warping Charging Technology.

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