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Sunday, March 17, 2019

PUBG Mobile Season 6: Release Date, New Guns, Vehicles And More

PUBG Mobile is set to get Season 6 soon. What is expected of the season upgrade?

PUBG Mobile is currently running on Season 5, which closed on January 21 and is ending on 18 March. The end of one season means the beginning of each other. Now, the company is asked to start Season 6 from March 21. Here you need to know about upcoming season 6.

According to recent reports, upcoming PUBG Mobile Season 6 will bring a new song, weapon, vehicle and more. The company has officially confirmed that as soon as the new season is closed, a new song will be released. So far, the expected date for the release of Season 6 is March 21.

With the new updates, PUBG Mobile will also get a new weapon called the G36C. It is an assault rifle that uses 5.56 mm of ammunition and has very power and stability. The gun is also called low repetition and considering using 5.56 mm of ammo, it will be very useful for mid-range disputes. The gun will also be able to get some scope such as a scope, thumb hold, laser sight and more. However, G36C will be available only on Vector Maps.

Finally, PUBG Mobile will find the much anticipated Tukshai vehicle, which is commonly known as an auto rickshaw in the countries of India. Although it is not the fastest, but it is quite fun to drive. The vehicle has been available on PC version of the game for some time now. However, the vehicle is only available on Sanhok maps.

In addition, the new update will also bring a new badge for the new avatar, Avatar Frame and Royal and Elite Pass. Reports also show that PUBG Mobile will finally get in the map of the dynamic weather Erangel and Miramar.

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