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Sunday, March 17, 2019

PUBG Mobile Season 6: release date, PUBG Mobile Season 6 released on March 20
PUBG Mobile Season 6

The playerAngons Battleground or PUBG has become one of the most popular games of the decade. Inspired by the Japanese film Battle Royale, PUBG is an online multiplayer battle game that millions of gamers around the world have liked.

The game has already won nine awards and is growing steadily with more than 30 million active users. According to recent updates, PUBG Mobile Season 6 is expected to be released on March 20. New seasons will have new guns, vehicles and more enthusiasm.

PUBG Mobile Season 6 Royale Pass

Talking about the fifth season of this popular game, it started on January 21 and is going to end on March 19. This season is quite successful but now the players do not have enough time to get the Royal Pass Mission if they want to be ready for the upcoming complimentary UC credit.

Since the new season is a few days away, we are getting many leaks and speculation by popular players and miners. Youtubers such as Mr. Ghost Gaming, SPD Gaming, Hydra Beast Gaming etc. have released some videos showing the initial look of PUBG Mobile Season 6. We can say that Season 6 will give a new experience to many gamers.

Some sources are even saying that the new update will bring the prime and prime plus membership system, which is expected to last long. The new beta patch also highlighted new features such as:

Powerful new weapons such as the G36C rifle that appears in the Vectree map.

New dynamic weather has been added to the map of Miramar and Arangel.

Some areas have been fixed in the new version where zombies are not allowed to enter.

The zombies are very difficult to make for you. Now, they can enter a weak position from time to time during the match.

If you are fed up with jeep and bus in the map, a new vehicle has been added to the map named Tukshai.

According to reports, these features were seen in the activity tab of the game's code. In addition, Daily Missions are found on PUBG 0.11.5 beta versions released on Monday. You will also see that "I have got supplies" is now selected in the Chat menu already. We have also learned about a new PUBG song with Season 6 launch.

Anyway, it all depends on the large community of PUBG players how they accept new updates. So, what are you excited about from the above upcoming facilities? Let us know in the comments section below.

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