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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

PUBG Mobile Season 6: Ban in India, Know Why

PUBG (PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds) is a popular game played on mobile worldwide. It is also very crazy in India too. PUBG was released in March 2017. This game was created by being influenced by a Japanese thriller 'Battle Royale' in which the government sends a group of students to fight with the fatal death. About 100 players in PUBG jump from parachute on an island, search for weapons and keep on killing each other until only one of them is left out. Now a news is getting viral, according to which the ban order issued to the PB in India has been issued by the court.

Claim: The Gujarat Police has issued a warning that strict action will be taken after the mobile game PUBG is played. Another viral post claims that "Maharashtra High Court" has banned the game.

Last week, Gujarat's Rajkot police commissioner Manoj Agrawal had issued an order saying that the ban on Pabiji in the district till 30 March 2019 is prohibited. This order was implemented from 9th March, but many people are playing stolen games.

You will be familiar with PUBG Mobile Games. There is a demand for ban on PBJ in India in the coming days. A few days ago, a ban was imposed on PBJ in Gujarat, while in Jammu and Kashmir there is a demand for a ban on Pabiji. In the examination-pay-discussion program held in Delhi, Pujya was also mentioned, and on one question PM Modi said, "There is some applause in the house. At the same time, an 11-year-old child reached the Bombay High Court to complete the ban on PBJ in India.

Let me tell you that the baj has been completely ban on Pjabi in Gujarat. Earlier, there has been a demand for ban on Pabji in Jammu and Kashmir. Irregularity is increasing due to the game of high school kids due to the PubGi game. In view of which, the Government of Gujarat has asked the District Education Officers to issue a circular on the Pajji game while issuing a circular for them.

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