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Monday, March 18, 2019

NCAA tournament 2019 bracket help: Four smartest first-round upset picks of March Madness

The 2019 NCAA Tournament grounds have been announced, which means that now there is only one thing left that will fill your bracket. But before you put your favorite and troubled pix in the ink, we suggest watching what our CBS Sports experts have to say. With nearly a century of combined experience in covering college basketball and selecting March Madness Brackets, they are your top go-to resource to win your bracket pool and beat your friends, family and colleagues.

Official 2019 NCAA Tournament Do not forget to download printable brackets and print enough for everyone in your pool. This is particularly helpful in lowering notes and pinchs because you see our expert selection below. We will update this page with the additional brackets before the first four (Tuesday-Wednesday) and the first round (Thursday-Friday), so be sure to bookmark this story and check back.

Parish: Duke and North Carolina never played in the NCAA Tournament. The more difficult it is to believe, it is true. But this is also something I'm predicting to change this season because I have a meeting of Blue Devils and Tar Heels in Minneapolis. And this will not happen? Duke-UNC IV in the last game of the season, focusing on Zion and its companions since Opening Night. And, yes, I will predict the closure of Blue Devils in the same way as they opened - defeating a partner blue blood on a large platform. In November, the victim was Kentucky. In April, it will be the UNC. Final Score: Duke 76, North Carolina 73. Zion Williamson will be the best player of the last four and then, two months later, the first pick in the 2019 NBA draft. Mike Craigsky will secure his sixth national championship.

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