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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Xiaomi Qin1 Price in India, Xiaomi Qin1 Launch Date, Xiaomi's 4G feature phone re-launched in the market

The country's number one smart phone company Shaomi has launched the cheapest feature phone on the path of customers, whose name is Mi Q1.In fact, the company has launched this smart phone in view of increasing trends and populity of Geo Phones, 2 can be given a tough competition in the market. The company has brought its best feature phone to the market at a very low price so that the poorest of the poor can also take advantage of feature phones and According to the budget, can meet your needs.

Shaomi has launched this feature phone with India in many countries around the world, but according to the data received this year, the Mi Q1 is the highest choice in India. That is why this company has the highest feature phone in India. The decision has been taken by selling and therefore giving this kind of offers to the customers along with the offers.

If you talk about the features of this phone, then it has 256 mb RAM and 512 mb storage with 2.8 inch HD LCD screen, which can be extended up to 8GB. In addition to this, in the phone 5MP rear and 2MP selfie camera has been given, this phone of Shawomie supports 4G dual SIM and has 1480 MHz battery.
The real value of this smart phone is Rs.1999

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