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Monday, March 18, 2019

Two persons were playing PUBG on the train track, got hit by the train and they died.

Horns playing the fast moving train and then ...

Two youths in the Hingoli district of Maharashtra (Maharashtra) got into the grip of the train while playing onlineUnjab's Battlegrounds and they died. The police gave this information on Sunday. An official said that this incident took place in Hingoli, about 570 kilometers from here on Saturday evening. They said that they were identified as Nagesh Gore (24) and Swapnil Annapurna (22). They were playing Pubg near both railway tracks and got hit by the Hyderabad-Ajmer train.

People got their bodies late at night. A report of accidental death in connection with the incident has been recorded in the Hingoli police station. Pubg is an online game of South Korean origin and according to experts, this game gets addicted and violent tendency increases among those who play it. Pb has been banned in many districts of Gujarat (Gujarat). A few days ago, in the ongoing action taken by people playing in Pajji game in Gujarat, local police arrested three more people for allegedly playing this game on their phones.

Ahmedabad Police Commissioner banned player Ananon's Battleground Game (PBG) in the district by issuing a notification. In the last two days, ten people, including six college students, were arrested in Rajkot city of Gujarat. This game is ruining people's lives. In this case, the state governments are banning the game. If a person lost his mental balance then a person lost his life.

PUBG is played like this:Through parachute, 100 players are landed on an island. Where players find guns and kill enemies. After all, what remains is winner. 4 people can also play by making groups, which are finally known as all winners. To download this game it is necessary to have 2 GB of space. Because the game takes considerable space of the phone.

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