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Sunday, March 17, 2019

Tanker truck catches fire and several explosions in south L.A.

A fire broke out due to a gas leak in the 9,000-gallon tanker truck and it carried out several blasts in South Los Angeles on Sunday morning.
Tanker truck catches fire and several explosions in south L.A.

Firemen exploded on a tank, causing a fire and Manhole went to the sky in 200 blocks of West Slotson Avenue Sunday morning. A tanker exploded in a yard, causing a fire in a nearby house and two living people injured

The explosions took place with such force that they broke a large manhole cover in the east of Brentwood Street and Slossson Avenue and set fire to the officials house.

Officials of the Los Angeles Fire Department said that the LA Fire Officer reached the spot at around 7:45 in the 200 block of West Sloughson Avenue to completely surround the truck and surrounding area.

Qivas said, "My sister was working from home at 8 a.m. when she smelled of gas in the air." "He informed the gas company. The gas company told him it would be as soon as possible. As soon as he went back into the house, a loud ... boom came, after six or seven more bounce in about six minutes. "

Cuvas seen in the neighborhood

"Man, it was scary - look!" "I pulled out the garden hose, I started washing the roof and the roof of our neighbors with water. I still did not know what was going on. Then the firefighter said, 'You have to leave.' "

32-year-old Joseph Casillas and his family also live nearby.

"There was a big explosion - we thought it was an earthquake," said Casillas. "There was a fireball and a tornado of fire. It was very busy on our neighborhood roads. "

Dozens of fire brigades managed to extinguish the fire for at least 90 minutes.

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