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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Akshay Kumar's Kesari too felt leaking blow

Akshay Kumar's Kesri has been trying to escape from being victim of piracy since the release, but if a report of the Janasatta says that some of the downloads of the film have been available on some pages related to Tamil Rockers. Movies nowadays, even after release, they also struggle to avoid piracy. The leak will surely deliver some harm to every movie. Big films take these losses and small films do not co-exist. However, instead of the HD print, the movie's poor print and pirated versions have been available on these sites. Trying to remove them from there too. Many moviemakers have gone to court on Pirecei, but this problem appears to be bigger with the release of every movie.

What does the effect
Big stars still earn money from their films, despite the piracy, but smaller films get much more damage. Some films did not even cost the cost.

What is the TamilRockers

TamilRockers is a group of hackers who succeed in leaking fresh releases, with the help of a different domain. The print of these films is of the best quality and so far the cyber crime has not caught them.

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