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Saturday, March 30, 2019

World’s longest salt cave discovered in Israel and 88 searchers from 9 countries discovered
World’s longest salt cave discovered in Israel and   88 searchers from 9 countries discovered
So far, the world's largest 'Cave of salt' was called the 3N cave of Iran. It was located in the southern part of the Kesham Island, but now another new cave has been discovered in Israel. 88 explorers of 9 countries in the world have discovered the longest cave in the world. This 10 km (6.2 miles) long cave is found in the mountains of Mount Sodom near the Dead Sea.

The findings of the longest salt cave discovered by the explorers of Hebrew University of Jerusalem on March 28. The university issued a statement saying that Mount Sodom is Israel's tallest mountain. The cave found here is Malham Cave. It extends to the southwest corner of the Dead Sea. Earlier, Iran had the world's longest salt cave record.

The Israeli cave explorer club and Sofia Spellio Club of Bulgaria have completed cave mapping with 88 explorers from 9 countries, including Israel. Salt pieces are hanging from its cave in this cave. Those who shine like metal, they also drop the drop of water and also bring saline water. The group of 80 searchers worked as a mapping to measure the length of this cave.

In 2006, the researchers discovered a N-6 cave located in Kesham Island, South Iran and made a 6-kilometer map. After that it was recognized as the world's largest salt cave of salt.

The sign of the salt cave was found in the water on the walls, with the taste of salt. During the rain in the forest, the salt rises in the shape of small caves by rifts of rocks. It flows away to the Dead Sea. During the time Frankkin was preparing the map, the size of the caves was changing.

Forkin's work was accomplished by amateur Yov Negov, who discovered the caves. He is also the founder of the Israel Cave Explorer Club. In order to complete the search, Negov took help from Bulgarian-born people searching for caves. After ten days of hard work, these people detected the length of the cave.

Negav said that it is the most beautiful of all the caves I've ever seen. It has several corridors, small caves that reach the hilly terrain. This is the longest.

The evidence related to the discovery of this cave has been given by the explorers several times before. For the first time in 1980, a five-kilometer map was prepared for this cave. This map was done by Amos Frummin, founder-director of Cave Research Center, Hebrew University. Amos Freumkin told that in 39 years ago, in the 1980's, we had the napa 5 km in the cave. Then half the map was also prepared. But two years ago Israeli explorer Yov Negev decided to complete our incomplete work, and now he went to find the world's longest cave.

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