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Saturday, March 16, 2019

Holi 2019: The auspicious time of Holika Dahan, importance of Holi, legend and worship

Holi 2019: Holi will be celebrated across the country on March 21. Before that on March 20 Holika Dahan will be done. It is also called Chhoti Holi and Holika Deepak.

Holi 2019: Holi will be celebrated across the country on March 21. Before that on March 20 Holika Dahan will be done. It is also called Chhoti Holi and Holika Deepak. This festival of good victory over evil is celebrated with great pomp. Holika is burnt on the intersections, worshiped in the house of Holi first. Then the next day Holi is played with colors. At the same time, the festival of Holi starts only a week before the rainy season of Mathura. Laddu Holi was played on March 15 in Barasana. After this, the Lathather Holi will be organized

Museum of holika dahan
Auspicious start - starting at 08:58
Auspicious time - until 11:34

Content of Holika Puja
Hoolika and Prahalad made of cow dung, earrings of new wheat and other crops like statues, garlands, roli, flowers, raw yarn, whole turmeric, moong, goat, gulal, five or seven types of grains, a lotus water, big-flowery, Sweet dish, desserts and fruits

Holika Dhanan Pooja
According to beliefs, there is a tradition of worshiping Holika before setting fire on fire. Here's the complete pooja of Holika Dahan: -
1. First sit and pray for the Holika worship, east or north.
2. Now sprinkle water droplets around you.
3. Make the statues of Holika and Prahalad from cow dung.
4. Put roti, raw yarn, rice, flowers, whole turmeric, balls, fruits and a lotus water in the plate.
5. Narasimha, remembering God, offer roli, mauli, rice, meat and flowers on the statues.
6. Now take all the bags to the place where the comb is kept.
7. Before burning the fire, take the name of your name, father's name and clan and take it in Akshat (rice) and recite Lord Ganesha and give it to the Holika.
8. After that, take Prahlad's name and offer flowers.
9. Taking the name of Lord Narasimha, offer five grains
10. Now add two hands, unbridled, turmeric and flowers.
11. Spread round cotton yarn and wrap it on the hologi.
12. At the end, pour gulas and offer water to the lote.

Importance of holi
Like Dussehra, Holi is also a festival of good over evil. Various stories are prevalent in Hinduism regarding Holi and all have been told to celebrate after the elimination of evil. Before Holy Holi, holy fire was burnt on the day of Holika, in which all evils, pride and negativity are burnt. Holi is bestowed by coloring family and friends. As well as dance, sing and tasty dishes.

Holi Traditional Stories
Not one or two related to Holi, but many stories are prevalent, which is still unknown to many people today. Because the most famous Radha-Krishna is the Holi in India, which is celebrated with great fanfare every year in Vrindavan and rainy season. But besides the Holi of Radha Rani and Krishna ji, there are many more stories related to this festival.

The 'Id-e-Gulabi' of the Mughals
Holi festival was celebrated even during the Mughals period. Mughal ruler Shah Jahan used to call Holi as Eid-e-Gulabi or Aab-e-Pashi. Ab-e-paashi means the color of the colorful flowers. In this period Holi was played from flowers.

Holi of Shiva-Parvati
According to legend, Himalaya daughter Mata Parvati planned to dissolve Shiva jyantya. Parvati ji took the help of Cupid for this. Kamdev dissolve Lord Shiva's penance by running the love bow. But Shiva was very angry with this and he opened his third eye. In the flames of his anger, the body of Cupid was consumed. But the love baron showed its effect and seeing Shiva ji as mother Parvati, she fell in love with him and accepted him as his wife. Considering Holi's fire as a symbol of love, this festival began to be celebrated.

Story of Hiranash Kashyap
According to another popular story, Hiranakasip wanted to kill his beloved son Prahalad. For this, he also takes help of his sister Holika. Actually, the tyrannical Hiranakasip got a boon to be immortalized by Lord Brahma. In the boon he had asked that no creature, goddess, demon or man, night, day, earth, sky, house, or can not kill outside. By boasting with this boon, he wanted everyone to worship him. But his son was the supreme devotee of Lord Vishnu. He ordered Prahlaad not to praise anybody else, but did not consider Prahlad. On accepting Prahlad, Hiranyakaship tried to kill him. He took many measures to kill Prahlad but he always kept alive. With the blessing of avoiding his fire, sister wanted to burn Prahlad in the fire with the sister Holika, but this time the good won over evil and Prahalad survived. But her buoya holika was burnt and burnt. Since then the festival of Holi was celebrated.

Holi of Radha-KrishnaIn Hinduism, the most popular story of Holi is Lord Krishna and Radha Rani. In this narrative, the demonic worship takes the form of a beautiful woman and goes to the child Krishna and tries to give them poisonous milk. But Krishna succeeds in killing him. The body of Putna disappears and the child is seen alive in all the villages seeing child alive, then they all gather together and make a effigy of Putna. Holi is celebrated in the happiness of victory of good over this evil.

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