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Friday, March 22, 2019

Johann Sebastian Bach is Google's first AI-powered doodle like you

To celebrate the birthday of the German musician 21 March 1685, the doodle allowed users to compose a melody in Bach's style. Now, like Google's first AI-powered doodle, Johann Sebastian Bach can be reconciled.

Allows machine-learning to reach everyone.
Interactive doodle is a product of collaboration between Google's Magenta, which helps people to make their music and art through learning - and Google's PAIR - which makes those tools
A machine-learning model called Koknote made all this possible. Developed by Google, Koknot was trained in 306 of Bach's Choral Harmonization. "There are always four tones in their corolles: each carries its sweet line, when played together, there is a rich harmonic progress," Google writes.

Just go to the Google homepage to give it a spin. And one of the greatest music talents in history!

Google recorded 306 of Bach's compositions in a computer model, which is the style of the composer. He then transferred the Google Doodle, allowing the model to take user input and composed a separate Bach-Ish sounding piece from them. It's a clean idea and fun to try. You will feel like Baroque talent in no time.

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