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Thursday, March 28, 2019

Turns the latest patch of Fortnite into lava

Fortnite's v8.20 patch is bringing some big changes in the game over time.
Fortnite's new v8.20 patch is here

A new poison is coming in the Dart Trap game, and it bothers both enemies and allies equally. Along with the tropical banana, there are new items for the wedge - which, like apples, compensate for a little health - coconut, which works like a mini-slur juice, and chillies, which gives you some extra health Together, give a brief boost of pace.

Epic Games has also added a new game mode in the patch called Floor Lava. One of the most requested game modes in Fortnite's history, the map in the mode will gradually be filled with molten rock unless it covers everything. Near the end of a round, the player creates only one thing.

It also connects the Patch Arena mode, the first game mode that players have to compete to reach the World Cup qualifier. Arena mode is a rank mode, in which skill-based matchmaking is required, where players will have to break the number of points in their game in advance. Once the players reach the top division, the champion league, they will unlock the ability to play in the World Cup qualifier tournament when they are live in April.

In addition to this new mode, which is available only for Solo and Duo players, the standard mode of Fortnight is also changing a bit. Regular battle Royale is going away from competitive settings, which Epic recently introduced, which gave effective health and material for elimination. Those rules will still be for the Arena and the pop-up cup, but they will no longer be in regular matches.

You can see the changes list below for complete information about all the changes coming in Fortnite in this patch.

WEAPONS more items
The baller now does not apply the damage to the players on the collision.

Knockback / bounce effect will remain unchanged.
Future Buller Iterations

We've talked a lot around bullers, so here's an update!
We are not satisfied with the current use of the ballers, especially in the late game. With the V8.30 update, we will release a change that will allow players to shoot through the baller's glass.
Non-glass parts will still have collisions and block damage to the bullets.
Siphon / material change

In V7.40, we implemented some pop-up cup settings as a test in core mode. After monitoring the combination of gameplay, data and feedback, we have collected the necessary information to end this preliminary test. We feel that this aggressive game has resulted from the unhealthy level, which is reducing other viable strategies. The following changes have been returned to all main modes:
Upon the elimination of 50 health (or slope) on the basis of your health.

50/50/50 material was dropped on abolition

500/500/500 caps on content

40% increase in crop rate

It said, these mechanics have proven positive in our competitive playlists. All of the above changes are enabled in the new Arena game mode.

Infantry rifle

Converted to Hitscan, which means that this weapon does not fire the projectiles (snipers) and now fires in the same way as other assault rifles.
Base Damage decreased from 45/42 to 42/40
The same damage in the form of existing assault rifles uses the fall profile.
Poison dart trap

Available in unusual rarity.
Can be placed on walls, floors and ceilings.
Found from floor loot
Three grid cells can be turned away.
Fire Poison Dart launches the distance of three horizontal grid cells (four vertical grid cells).
The target hit by darts will receive a damage-over-time effect which bypassing any shields directly applies to damage to health.
10 health loss per tile.

Total total ticks in seconds for total loss of 0

The subsequent hit will refresh the duration of the effect, but the amount of damage per tick does not change.

New forged items

Provide 5 health immediately after consumption

Can be found in tropical biom.

Damaging palm trees.

When consumed, coconut provides 5 points of effective health in a short time. This means that if the player is on maximum health, then it will yield.

Can be found in tropical and desert biom.

Black pepper
When consumed, chillies immediately provide 5 health and increase the player's speed by 20% for 10 seconds.

Can be found in the desert biom.

Burial Treasure Direction is now linked to the player and comes out of the field of treasures to improve visibility, especially improving visibility.

If the item is equipped, the pointer will keep the pulse in every 3 seconds.
Pirate Cannon Adjustment

To ensure that the driver's seat is always accessible without the need of a cannon, the collision of the pirate cannon was adjusted.
To move the seat prompt places for easy access to the cannon.
Cannon shells and players landed the explosion from 200 units to 250 units.
The impetus / slip of the cannon when driving or fireing with cannonball while launching a player. It is unchanged on the coast.
To match unusual / rare versions, the Epic / Legendary pump adjusts the time of the shotgun.

bug fixes

On being sticking to any other player, fix a problem where clingers were harming the players through the walls.
Fixed an issue to prevent glider item pickup from displaying your stack count.
Grenade lubricated the motion of the projectile trajectory, which was behind a tick.
The balloon fixes
If you do not have any balloons, entering a vehicle does not sound the balloon release sound.

When you get out of the balloon, the balloon rope will not stay on your back.

Pirate casts the cannon
Fixed an issue where the players were flying out of a pirate gun in a different direction than expected.

The issue of preventing the ability to enter a pirate gun was fixed when other geometry was close.

Players have the ability to alternate with the ability of the pirate cannon in turn.

Fixed an issue causing buried treasure for booty loot on the initial island.
Limited time mode: floor love

Lava gradually rises from the lowest parts of the map, and it is hot! Drop in and quickly loot and collect the material so that you can reach the high ground for the first time.

Mode statement

In the match a few minutes, the lava will start to rise.
The lava moves at a steady pace until the entire map is covered.
Touching the lava will harm your health directly and will bounce you in the air.
You can build on lava.
Players will be given a small number of materials in every second so that they can be helped in the "entire map blaze" situations.
Now marker pings are allowed during DBNO.
A unique eradication message was added when the lava finished by the surface.
An increase in relevance for the players who are able to see the explosions.
That's not everything! In the lobby, an infinite dub increase from 13 hours to 14 hours.
bug fixes

An issue with the effect of icy feet during the emotional stability remains fixed.
Traps now damage the driver directly instead of harming the driver.
Due to fixed issue some mesh is inside thick structures, which makes it difficult to see.
At DBNO, a player decides to be a rare event of being invincible.
When cycling for another player, the camera sometimes travels far away.
Arena Game Mode (Solo and Duos)

Compete at any time and advance for high leagues and unlock special tournaments, such as Fortnite World Cup Online Opens.
Each league is divided into several divisions, from which players from the open league to the champions league of the Contender League work.
With the increasing amount of bus fare with each match in the higher divisions, the scoring division will be updated to the division.
Note: Matchmaking in the Arena is based on players of similar hype. As a result, players of higher division can experience more than usual wait times before getting a match.
New Tournament Lux Cup (March 30 and March 31) [$ 100,000 in cash prize!]

Duos Game Mode
To participate in this event, players have to reach the Contender League in Arena Play before the start of the event.
With official rules and statements issued at the end of this week, the prize pool will be distributed across all server areas.
March 30 - Round One: All qualified players

March 31 - Round Two: Top 3000 players from Round One

Fixed an issue where bad server performance can cause unnecessary effects such as unnecessary movement improvements on customers.
A fix for a rare server crash was added.
A small server performance related to the buller vehicle improved.
Updated animation budget to perform more on high scalability settings.
Better file I / O performance on PS4, this reduces the incidence of late streaming buildings.
When we prioritize loading, then what better changes do I / O performance while skydiving on all platforms?
Arts & Animation
Adjusted lighting in Battle Royal

Contrast growth of light in shadow areas.
Vibrancy increased in colors
bug fixes

Fixed a bug where the destruction effects were not played on the blower's destruction.
To avoid clipping artifacts, extend the audio scale settings again.
0.5 to use the setting is now mapped to 1 (maximum emphasis)

If your quantity was above 0.5, then you have to adjust to get the same amount of strength on your television or whatever device you are playing.

Now the footsteps of the players of the team of players are played in small amounts.
bug fixes

A problem has been fixed, where some items do not have proper audio while leaving the inventory.
Changes in Ping Graph for pure Debug HUD.
The red vertical lines indicated that the packet was reported to be lost in that frame.

If there is a danger mark in ADS / targeting then there is a setting to control pinging.
On the BATTLE PASS page, scrolling on the mouse wheel takes the material to the right and Maui

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