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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Dark mode came in WhatsAppr on Android, you will not get

Reports are coming in that WhatsApp will soon roll out a dark mode. ... Even if you are smartphone is not an OLED screen, you can still find the dark more useful ...
Dark mode came in WhatsAppr on Android

Dark Mode has arrived in the instant messaging app WhatsApp. The company recently submitted it under the Google Play Beta Program. But this does not mean that Dark Mode will also start getting from the same.

According to a report from Wabetainfo, WhatsApp has started working on Android devices for dark mode. It has been said that the Hidden triangle was seen in version 2.19.82, though this feature is not for everyone at all.

Let's tell you that lately, Whatsapp has released the Dark Mode beta for iOS and its screenshots were also leaked.

According to Wabetainfo reports, WhatsApp has redesigned the settings in version 2.19.47. There is a screenshot of the settings where settings have been made compatible for dark mode. Whatsapp has started Dark mode, but it is in under development and only for these settings.

For now it is not clear when the dark mode will be released for all users. Because the news is coming from it for a long time. Recently Facebook Messenger Dark Mode has been given. It can be enabled by sending Moon's emoji in chat.

Dark mode has a lot of advantages. The blurring screen of the smartphone is relaxed. Dark mode is easy to use at night and does not make eye contact. So many apps give these options. There is also dark mode on twitter. Apart from this, some smartphones have the option of Bhava Inbuilt Dark Mode or Night mode option.

It can be expected that the Whatsapp Dark Mode will be updated quickly through iOS and Android users.

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