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Thursday, March 21, 2019

New AirPods 2 Launched: Hands-Free Siri, Wireless Charging: You Need To Know Here

After months of rumors, Apple finally announced its new AirPods. Now you can stop your breath. New in-year buds are more powerful and provide better battery life with better features. All for the same price, as long as you do not choose the option of the new wireless-chargable case. Here you need to know about the most expected Apple product in years.

Update: Details of engraving, why new AirPods are different and more modified.

Apple describes its AirPods as one of the world's most popular wireless headphones and one of the company's most beloved products. It is not very grand to claim. In any case, this means that the upgrade is even more welcome.

The new in-year buds are being expected for months, in which a marquee feature was given by Apple in September last year.

Recently, rumors of surprisingly wireless charging have also surfaced with the new sensors, and even a new material to improve them even in the ears.

So what is the truth? All you need to know here

what are they called?

New AirPods will be called AirPods simply because they are right now. The first generation model has now retired and the new model can buy all of you, though it comes in two versions.

How much?

The price is $ 159, which is similar to today, even if the new AirPods include a new, more powerful chip. But if you want the option of wireless charging, then that means buying it with a wireless charging case, for $ 199 You can buy wireless charging case separately for $ 79, that too in stores from next week.

So what's new? Well, there is a wireless-charging option

New AirPods come in two versions, one uses a regular charging case as before. But you can also opt for a case that is capable of wireless charging.

Frankly, this is the least surprising because this new look with the illuminating taillight LED while charging-up has been promised since September 2017 when the AirPower Charging Mate was first seen. It has not gone on sale yet but there are signs that it is almost here.

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