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Thursday, March 14, 2019

The Indian Government Wants To Slide Into Your Whitspeed Messages, But It Is Not As Bad As You Think

More than 250 million Indians use WhatsApp today for communication. With so much information being sent every day, it is no surprise that some of them may be criminal or illegal. What you talk about private chat is not the business of anyone else, but unless it does not harm anyone. To protect the safety of its citizens, the Government of India wants to reduce the risks on your WhatsApp messages.

Whatsapp is one of Facebook's most important properties, which has more than a billion users worldwide. In India this app is being used to spread hate, violence, child porn, wrong information and officials want to stop it. Officials are demanding access to all Indians' chats, which means they will pass through all bits of encrypted and protected data. Because of lack of consensus, whitespace can be totally restricted in the country.

For six months, we are asking them to bring more accountability on their platform but what have they done? Therefore pedophiles can be completely safe on whatsapp, they are not caught. It's totally evil.

Gopalakrishnan S of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology

Facebook has rejected these demands by saying that it will try completely and the app will be fully visible to some parties. Carl Vogue, the head of communications on WhatSafe, said that it encroach on the app's privacy policy. He further said that he is strict with the material he is already sharing, and about 250,000 accounts are restricted every month.

This is the catch-22 status, which requires both parties to maintain each other. For developing countries like India, Whatsapp has been important in bringing millions of users online. And for whatsapp, it can spend a quarter of a billion users, which I am sure is a big part of their future plans, especially when they are testing new ways to empower their users.

Although it enforces the privacy and encroachment of the Internet for the liberty of one, you have to remember that whatever FoS gives you the power to say and crosses with it without facing any consequences. I understand why Facebook can not comply with this, even if they want it, but if the app is actually being used for wrong purposes then it needs to be controlled. Finding a convenient mid area is the only way, and it's not easy. But as Albus Dumbledore said, "Choose the right path, not easy."

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