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Saturday, February 23, 2019

ROBERT KRAFT PROSTITUTION STING Cops Have Graphic Video From Inside Spa

12:16 PM PT - PRESIDENT TRUMP has weight on Kraft ... told reporters in the Oval Office that was "surprised" to hear about the charge Prostitution Kraft ... but insisted the owner of the Patriots did anything illegal Is denied.

Ready for Robert

The 11:29 AM PT - says Investigetrs that he had had those men in the video who paid for sex in the parlor Asian massage which Robert Kraft allegedly used ... and the footage is graphic.

According to the police documents obtained by TMZ Sports, the officers were able to obtain a secret surveillance camera inside Orchid of Asia Day Spa in Jupiter, Florida to record illegal activity.

The police has listed a list of sex acts conducted on 26 men who enter the business - one of whom says Robert Kraft. Kraft has not been identified by name in police documents.

Police documents describe the monitoring video in graphic detail - looking at a pattern of behavior with alleged Johns.

Men entered the spa and paid the front (used some used cash, another credit card) before going back to a private massage room.

In almost every case, an Asian woman goes to the customer - sometimes two women - and do sexual acts using their hands and mouth.

This vaginal is not visible to any suspect engaged in sexual intercourse.
Police say that surveillance video captures every detail of encounters - including ejaculation and subsequent cleaning.

11:10 AM PT - NFL has addressed the allegations ... saying "NFL is aware of ongoing law enforcement issues and will continue to monitor the developments."

9:17 pm PT - A spokesman for Craft told TMZ Sports that the owner of the NFL has denied the allegations.
"We expressly deny that Mr. Craft is engaged in any illegal activity, because it is a judicial case, we will not comment any further." New owner England Patriots Robert Kraft is a wanted man - Police say they have issued a warrant recently arrested as part of prostitution, Jupiter, human trafficking sting operation in Florida.

According to police, 77-year-old Kraft, according to Jupiter's police chief Daniel Kerr, "will make 2 more words to make another request for prostitution."
Chief Kerr says that when he saw Kraft's name as a suspect, he "was stunned like everyone else".

Officials say that one month before the Craft, there is a charge of throwing a prostitute at least 2 different occasions in a massage parlor in Florida.

Cops named the establishment, whose craft was visited, which is Orchid of Asia Day Spa in Jupiter.
Police say that they have obtained evidence from the body cam video and surveillance conducted in the last several months.
Officials say that Kraft was inspired by a disorder to spas ... and says that he has a video of Pat's owner, "who shows the act that was in the spa" with him.

According to the police, the average cost per travel for services was $ 59 per hour half dollar and $ 79 per hour.

For the next step, officials say the state's attorney is warrant and will be sent to Kraft's house in Massachusetts.
Kraft has been accused of rape and he has to appear in court.

So far, no official comment has been made from Kraft or New England Patriots. We have reached NFL as they will face discipline from the league.
Many law enforcement agencies were involved in the operation - including Homeland Security, IRS, Jupiter PD, Palm Beach Sheriff's office and more.

Officials say women accused of running a sex trafficking ring related to local trafficking rings themselves as a massage parlor.

The investigation took about eight months and officials say they have identified more than 100 men in suspicion of being "Johns".

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