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Thursday, February 21, 2019

David Arquette takes blame for Courteney Cox's short bangs in 'Scream 3'

Actor blames Cox for super short bangs
Courtney Cox has a gorgeous head of hair, but even she is not immune to bad haircut. case in point? The actress of that time scary classic "Scream 3." In some scary little bangs.
After nineteen years, we finally know who is who can just blame Cox's most hated hair: his former husband, David Arquette

After stopping in an Instagram map, the actor read that "If you ever feel like **, then just remember the hair of the Courtney Cox in Scream 3," the actor said that he was not only memorable (not just good ) Style suggested.
"I have to take a break for this. I suggested a Betty Page Look. It just did not work right now. I take full responsibility, "the actor commented.
As the fans would remember, the friendly ex-couple met for the first time in 1996 on the set of the first "Scream" movie and married in 1999 before divorcing in 2013.
Instagram account @commentsbycelebs commented quietly, and gave a caption to the post "It happens, @davidarquette."
They were not wrong with the experience of only one haircut of super-short bangs cocks. Playing Monica as "Friends", her character got a haircut famous from FOBO (Lisa Kudro). Instead of a cut by a sexy demi Moore, she requested, there was a turbulent fall in the character of Cox, which was rather like Dudley Moore.

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