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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Samsung Galaxy M series launch on January 28: 5 reasons you should wait for the M10, M20

Launch on January  Samsung Galaxy M series 28: 5 reasons you should wait for the M10, M20
Samsung Galaxy M series

  • The Galaxy M10 and M20 are the first phones in Samsung with the Waterdrop display

  • Galaxy M10 will cost Rs 8,990 in India, M20 will start from Rs 12,990

  • About the Galaxy M20, it is said that it comes with a large battery of 5,000mAh

  • 2019 is going to be a significant year for Samsung because the company is celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Galaxy Series, while at the same time the Chinese are making a strong pitch to take the competition, which is taking a bigger share of the market. South Korean giant Next month, everything is going to be about the Galaxy S10 lineup, but before we reach it, Samsung is planning to disrupt the affordable segment with the Galaxy M series. The Galaxy M series will be launched in India on January 28 where the Galaxy M10 and M20 are expected to see the launch of the smartphone.

  • The Galaxy M series Samsung has said that it should start something new and introduce some new technologies in the budget segment so that consumers can be removed from the likes of Xiaomi, Realme and Nokia. Galaxy M10 and M20 are taking shape as those phones because they are coming for the first time such as Infinity-V display and large-scale battery capacity, never seen before on Samsung phones. Here are 5 reasons Galaxy M10 and M20. why you should wait for the 

  • - Based on Samsung's teaser, the objective of the Galaxy M-Series is to attract the youth. This means that Samsung will make some changes in the design of the budget phone, which we once knew earlier. The design of M10 and M20 is expected to be in line with the current trend, which is why Samsung is finally adopting stepping down with its Infinity-V display. Apart from this, the Galaxy M series will also bring some more features, such as type-ports with fast-charging technology, something that is worth seeing at a very low price, and something we have not seen in the last cost features Is the Samsung Phone

  • The display will definitely be the biggest attraction of the Galaxy M10 and M20. It is clear that both phones will be the first Samsung phone to sport the company's new Infinity-V display. V-shaped waterdrop stands for 'V' display on foot, which has become a trend in the second half of 2018. Infinity-V display will look to provide an immersive screen with minimal bezel and more screen real estate. While Samsung will not be the first to introduce waterdrop display in the budget segment, yet it is one of the few brands to do so, which consumers would love.

  • Another feature Samsung is actually highlighting in its teaser is the battery. Many times it was rumored that the Galaxy M20 will be the first phone in Samsung, with a large battery of 5,000mAh. M10 can not get the same capability and it is rumored to have a small but important 3,400mAh battery, which should be sufficient enough for a phone, which is likely to come up with a 720p display.

  • already confirmed has Samsung that its M-series phones will have at least a dual-rear camera, so the Galaxy M10, which is expected to be less than Rs 10,000, will receive dual optics on the back. On the basis of what rumors have told us, the phone will have a 13MP + 5MP configuration on the rear and a potential 5MP sensor on the front. Interestingly, some reports show that the phone can present a secondary camera with an ultra-wide angle lens, which would be quite unique to look at this segment.

  • - If Samsung is serious about competition in the economical segment, pricing will be important. Close sources of India Today Tech uncovered the prices of both the Galaxy M10 and M20. According to our sources, the price of the Galaxy M10 will be 8,990, while the price of Galaxy M20 will be Rs 12,990 in India. In case of Galaxy M10 and M20 coming in more than one variant, the price for the base model is likely to increase. The suggestion given by the previous rumors is that the Galaxy M20 will have 32GB or 64GB internal storage with 3 GB RAM.

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