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Tuesday, December 05, 2017

What is Bitcoin? Know the complete knowledge of bitcoin

What is Bitcoin? Know the complete knowledge of bitcoin - bitcoine is a digital currency which we can also call common currency in common language. We can not store this currency in our house or in our wallet because it is not a kind of note or any coin. Therefore, you can use bitcoine only online. Bitcoin is a Decentralized way, meaning there is no Authority, Government or any bank to control this currency.

It works on Peer To Peer Network Base, and bitcoin users believe that it is a currency. This is how it has become a global currency. Bitcoin is invented by Santoshi Nakomoto in the year 2009. These are quite popular Currency.                                                                                             
If you talk about the value of bitcoin, then today the price of 1 bitcoine is approximately 70,000 Indian Currency. It is not that if you want to buy Bitcoin, then you will have to buy 1 bitcoin. Actually the smallest unit of bitcoin is Santoshi And 1 bitcoin = 10,00,00,000 (million) is Santoshi.

Like in Indian Currency, there is 1 rupee = 100 paisa l. By itself, 10 crores of Santoshi is made of a bitcoine. I mean you can break 1 bitcake to 8 decimals. You can also use 0.0001 bitcoin.

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